Hanns-Eberhard Kinting
Communication advisor



-You feel the need of improving your work in the field of public relations and the press, your performance at fairs or other events, your public image in general?

-You are seeking for new ideas as to concepts, methods and strategies?

-You aim at enhancing the know- ledge, efficiency and competence of your PR team?

-You would be glad of having a steering hand at your own place for a limited period of time?

-You wish for an experienced PR manager as team coach and /or part- ner in discussions?

I offer the know-how and the practical ex- perience (see <background>) achieved

    i) in many years of experience as PR manager in responsible positions with international companies resp. by work in investors-relations,

    ii) from my teaching and coaching activities in seminars and work-shops launched by various companies and overseas chambers of commerce for PR-trainees, students and young businessmen and -women.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I am interested in your problem, the task set by you; I am not looking at  the size of your  organization or its PR budget.